Star Diary #6-Pitfalls and Craters

It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks in the life of this (very) amateur astronomer. Of course, our old sparring partner the clouds have loomed large and thick, making viewing nights few and far between, and then, when a beautiful, visibility-for-miles kind of night did come about, Herschel said a firm ‘no.’ Try as I… Continue reading Star Diary #6-Pitfalls and Craters

Star Dairy #4-Lunar Exploration

I really love astronomy. I love getting Herschel out and gazing at the universe until the wee small hours of the morning. Unfortunately, this is not helpful for maintaining a non-zombie like state during the daytime, which in turn leads to some tricky situations at work. This, combined with shockingly poor impulse control means that… Continue reading Star Dairy #4-Lunar Exploration