Star Dairy #4-Lunar Exploration

I really love astronomy. I love getting Herschel out and gazing at the universe until the wee small hours of the morning. Unfortunately, this is not helpful for maintaining a non-zombie like state during the daytime, which in turn leads to some tricky situations at work. This, combined with shockingly poor impulse control means that I have to implement a strict ‘no summer astronomy on a work night’ rule. This stands until the nights start closing in, or I can find a viable nocturnal job. Whichever comes first. So this rule really blows when the past 3 weekends have been cloudy, but weeknights have been gloriously clear, with twinkly stars and everything. Twinkling away like they’re mocking me. WhyIOughta…..*shakes fist at sky*.

Anyway, determined to find a loophole in my self-imposed rule, I was delighted when we had an early moonrise on Monday night. Due to monthly cycles, cloud or timing, I have not yet observed the moon through Herschel, and so saw this as a new and exciting opportunity. I was able to spend a good hour finding my way around the maria and craters, getting very excited about nerdy things like the impact craters inside other impact craters (yeah. Told you it was nerdy.) To be able to observe all this before 9pm was, just a few days outside of the longest day, a real treat. I now am looking forward to setting my AltairAstro on the moon next time it puts in an appearance. moonmap-s


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